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The feeling of “compression” is like no other

As you sink through the water column, the pressure your body is exposed to increases. For every 33 feet you descend in the ocean, an entire, additional atmosphere is pressing down on you. Thanks to using regulators that provide air at ambient pressure you are able to breathe as if on land. If you’re diving a drysuit, as most of us do in the Pacific Northwest, you’re also adding air to that to stop it from squeezing you in like a dehydrator baggie. No one describes this better than author Barry Lopez:

Camera Under Water Padangbai Bali Dive

Dear Buddys..! Now we  AVAILABLE underwater camera for rent. For detail info please fell free to contact us anytime.

Frog and Rinophias Fish

Hi there Divers !!! Now at Blue Lagoon  Padangbai dive site on Bali we can find the gian frog fish and rinophias. Padangbai bali dive saw them today. Was awesome,amazing dive.But apologize me, we Can not give you the proove of them because we did not bring an under water camera. So Please find them on blue lagoon padangbai ,bali. And also we found flying gunard,sea horse Ribon eel as well.


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Yearly many tourist are coming to Bali to get a glimpse of this mysterious underwater


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