Amed Dive

Nudibranch in Amed  Amed    Amed
The transfer from our base in Padangbai to Amed by car takes about 80-90 minutes. In Amed we are boating by a traditional boat (Jukung) around maximum 10 minutes. It is a favirite dive site for photographers with beautiful hard and soft corals. Many kind of fishes can be seen, from macro to huge ones. The wall is very beautiful with nice coral and beautiful gorgonians. The great barracuda, white and black tip reef sharks, green turtles, giant trigger fish, napoleon, bump head parrot fish, pygmy sea horses, ghost pipe fish, nudibranches and much more.
The depth goes from 6 mtr. to a maximum of 30 mtr., with a slope and a wall dive site. The current is very mild and a good dive site for beginners and photographer.
This dive site is right on the shore and is a special place for "hunting" harlewuin crab and some other sorts of crabs and nudibranches.
We enter directly and this site has a depth from 4 to maximum 6 mtr. and there is no current.

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