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Padangbai is our home base and includes the following dive sites. Blue Lagoon, Blue Lagoon Wall, Tanjung Sari (Shark Point), White Sand Beach, Ferry Channel, Jepun and Jetty. From the beach we are boating by a traditional boat (Jukung) or by speed boat in arround 5-10 minutes. The marine life is rather equal to the Tulamben or Amed dive site.

The type of the site:

Slope, coastal reef, wall, small wreck, jetty. The depth goes from 6 mtr. to maximum 30 mtr. The corals are alive with good variety of hard and soft corals, big boomies, table coral, many type of gorgonians. Especially for muck diving jettyand jepun are the sites to explore. The coral is less but thousands even millions of macro we can find here. It is the habitat for unusual, exotic and juvenile organisms.

The fish we can see:

Napoleon wrasses, big eye travelies, jack fish, big tuna, barracuda, mackerels, octopus, big cuttle fish, green turtle, oriental sweet lips, moray eels, clown fish, anemone fish, many kind of lion and scorpion fish, many kind of shark but not the great white.

Macro fishes such as: frog fish, ornate, ghost pipe fish, leaf scorpion fish, pygmy sea horse, many kind of nudibranshes, orangutan crab and many kinds of other crabs, rhinopias, blue ring octopus and more.

The conditions:

Visibility arround 20-25 mtr. The current is normally mild and sometimes strong. It is a nice dive site for beginners.




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Don’t ask about our quality, all of our diving equipment is new



Our instrucuor are real friendly and patience teaching Pro and since 1991 qualified for CMAS, PADI and SDI.


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Yearly many tourist are coming to Bali to get a glimpse of this mysterious underwater


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